Reaching Out To Gods Lost Children

Highways Biways Street Outreach is working with multiple other faith-based organizations.

Our goal is to reach out to Gods lost children. This may look something like what you are about to read on our pages and posts.  We hope as you read along through our adventures and that you will be inspired to make a difference in another persons life.

Our pages and posts may consist of daily and or weekly occurrences with Gods lost children.  These precious times may take place as we go out and minister as a ministry or as we head to work or when we go out and about in shopping centers.

We hope you will enjoy our time together as we join others that are working in unity to share the love of Jesus to some lost souls.

We hope you will join us by bringing light into their darkness, there are so many ways to help.  There truly are so many opportunities to share the gospel with someone.  We are doing all this in unity for the Kingdom of God, will you join us by spreading the gospel throughout our land?

Donations of food and hygiene items are always needed.

Goal: Continued Relationships through trust and integrity.  Lord help us renew our minds.

Jason felt the Lord calling him to go out into the streets with bibles, blankets and food to God’s homeless children. Candace, Jason and others went out and prayed and shared the word of Jesus with His homeless children. Highways Biways Street Outreach came to be on the night of December 31, 2012.

My purpose is to live my life to the fullest for Jesus.  Ephesians 6:24

Our Ministry Goals

We have been going into the streets weekly with a crew of God’s soldiers all prayed up to bring God’s love.  We strive to offer a God honoring environment that reflects the love of Jesus Christ.
  • Because we believe in treating others as we would want to be treated because Jesus loves no one person differently.
  • Because we believe in healthy relationships where we don’t judge and where we become each others best advocates.
  • We believe God gives us daily struggles to make us stronger so we can turn our tests into testimonies of his grace and forgiveness.
  • We believe it is our duty as a Christian to be willing and available any time for any task Jesus calls on us to do.
  • We pray for people’s healing from strongholds and addictions.
  • We are and want to work with more organizations to fill the gaps in all our communities
  • We want to show people our faithfulness
  • We want to build trust in our relationships with each of them.
  • We have been faithful in our belief that God will continue to offer abundant blessings to the ministries so we will not need government funding.

Here’s Your Open-Ended Invitation

Our volunteer opportunities are endless, we invite you to come out and jump in to help where and when you feel led to do so.

Highways Biways Street Outreach is a non-profit 501(c)(3) ministry

We are serving the lost, unwanted, unloved, used and abused on and off the streets in our local communities each and every week.

There are no age restrictions, we are working among-st families and you’re never too old or young!

Why? Because, it is what we were called to do!

How? By Being “God’s Hands and Feet” in all that we do!

 Jesus laid out the tests and requirements of discipleship. Jesus saw a large crowd gathering. He knew that these people believed and accepted His message in principle.  Prior to this point, Jesus had shown how the message of the gospel was for everyone. Some wanted to be dazzled by Jesus’ miracles, while others came looking for a free meal. A few even hoped that He would overthrow Rome and establish God’s kingdom. So Jesus turned to the multitude and preached a sermon that deliberately thinned out the ranks. Luke 14

Current Locations


Sacramento (two locations)

Rancho Cordova

We are seeking out local churches and leaders for them to help us make this happen in and throughout our own communities.   

Please contact us at highwaysbiwaysstreetoutreach@gmail.com

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